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kim woo bin’s wake up call

woobinaaaaaa~~ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ kyakyakyakyaaakk~~

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His expression is priceless.

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“When you try to say the real point, tons of your thoughts are flowing up at once, sometimes you can’t open your mouth. When that happens, you have to breathe deeply and pick up all those floating thoughts one by one. As you’re doing that at one point in time, you realize that what you really wanted to say what just a simple matter with one or two words. Now you can start the word like this, ‘So what I really wanted to say is…’”

칠봉아~~ ㅜㅠㅠ

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6 years with 소녀시대 #9irls6eneration 

6 years, 9 girls, 1 love & 1 fandom
they’ve been stepped on and criticized but hey, how can you see the star without the brightness? look at them now, they’re korea’s most successful girl group and they became a representation of their own nation. they’re one of the brightest stars out there. why? because they view these scandals, these controversies, these critics as a motivation for there success, like they shed sweat, blood and tears to prove to everyone that they’re no ordinary girl group, that they’re THE girl group. now, they’ve won tons of awards, they’ve been called hundreds of names, they’ve been and still are one of the role models in the kpop industry, they’ve achieved so much in so little time. but what i love the most about them is that even if they proved to everyone that they’re more than those girls holding their lollipops, they’re still the humble girls in skirts that performed in universities before they even perform in big arenas all over the world. 

to the nine girls whose transformation from innocent-lollipop-holding girls to mature ladies gave way to the maturity of their fans, continue being an inspiration not only to fans but also to idols who wishes to be as big as you. remember that whatever, wherever, whenever, we will always be your fans, your precious s♥nes and we will be there with you through your 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th anniversary! Happy 6th Anniversary! We’re all so proud of you! 

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six years and counting.

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6주년 축하해요!

우리 평생 가쟈!


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Happy Birthday, Tiffany! ♥

생일 추카한다, 파니파니 티퐈니~~~

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himym meme | nine recurring gags
high fives

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